Wellness Consultation

I work with individuals or small groups who are looking for guidance and support. There are certain transformative events or rites of passage such as births, menarche, the union or dissolution of partnerships, initiation, illness, trauma, and end of life that require our special attention. Together we create a space to navigate these life changing events and transitions. As an atheist and animist, my focus is to meet with individuals and families and offer non-religious and personalized attention related to well-being and personal growth. You bring specific goals or ideas that you would like to explore. Together we create a space to engage through conversation, nature-based practices, creative expression, and ritual.

Cost: Variable

Nature as Muse

These are local, guided, meditative walks designed to mentor individuals or small groups in the art of walking for pleasure and well-being. Walks are scheduled in easily accessible, public locations and last 1-2 hours. See the “Events & Classes” page for scheduled walks. The following are some of the benefits I have experienced as a result of this meditative practice: reduced stress, grounding, greater clarity, empowerment, self-confidence, intuitive insights, pleasure, and much more.

Cost: Variable; private (women only)

Email me at mariondumont@gmail.com for further information and to schedule an appointment.

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