2020~ Stay conscious

So much has happened since my last post. The world is a different place. Tremors and quakes have rocked our world and there's not yet an end in sight. Sometimes, all we can do is simply hold on and wait for the shaking to stop. As the dust begins to settle we get a glimpse of the shifting landscape of our lives.

I admit, at times, in the face of shifting social norms, upheavals, and the interruption to daily routines, what I really wanted was to climb into a cave and wait out the storm. But life must be lived. What has helped me to regain my balance in order to adapt to the uncertainty and change is a reminder to myself to stay conscious and a commitment to respond versus react.

Take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, feel the earth beneath your feet. Don't move, not yet. Breathe with your eyes open. When you're ready, take a step forward, the earth will support you.

About the photo: It was taken by me earlier this month of Layser Cave, located in the Guifford Pinchot National Forest. My family and I were camping nearby and visited it on my birthday.

"Layser Cave is one of the most significant archaeological sites in western Washington. The cave was discovered by forest worker, Tim Layser in 1982. The cave is only about 60 x 40 feet in size. Experts have determined that the cave was used for thousands of years by native peoples dating back as much as 5000 years. The cave appeared to be abandoned with no apparent cause over 300 years ago." http://www.nwhiker.com/GPNFHike18.html

"More than 10,000 ancient artifacts were uncovered at Layser Cave.

The artifacts go too far back in time to be associated with any known tribe, though historically the Taidnapam inhabited the region. The descendants of the people who used the cave are likely members of the Cowlitz and Yakama tribes, say Freitas and McClure."


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