Ancestors Calling

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Ancestor Call

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Early morning hours of November 21st, unable to sleep, thinking about Hendren ancestors of Markethill, Armagh. I dozed a short while and dreamt of these ancestors who migrated from Ulster to America.

How is it possible for our ancestors to beckon us to a place? My heart was pounding; unable to sleep, I got up to see what more I could learn and to reflect on what I had come to know.

Earlier in the day (Nov. 20) I learned that the Hendrens had been Scottish Quakers who immigrated to Ireland from Scotland. They resided in Markethill, co. Armagh in the early 1700s. In 1710 they were given permission to immigrate to America. The Hendrens attended the Charlemont Quaker Meeting House in Ulster Co. and were given permission at the Tyrone Quaker Meeting House to immigrate.

Today, there is an active Quaker meeting, the Grange meeting house at 21 Dreemore Road, Grange, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone. This meeting house celebrated 350 years in 2010. Could this be the same meeting house?

After reading a little about the history of county Armagh and the region, particularly Emain Macha or Navan Fort as it is known today I decided to book a hotel in Armagh. I later learned that the city of Armagh is but a 10 minute drive to Markethill and the Grange Meeting House; coincidence? It felt more like syntropy.

“Since syntropy acts as an absorber and concentrator of energy, the strong functioning of the superconscious mind is associated with feelings of warmth located in the heart area, feelings that coincide with the experience of love…The superconscious is a state that leads to a higher level of awareness and allows us to experience visions of the future, intuitions, and inspirations that are usually inaccessible to the ordinary states of the conscious mind. Each individual constantly interacts with the superconscious mind, which illuminates the direction, provides aims, and clarifies the mission of our life. We connect with the superconscious mind in moments of silence and when we avoid activities and habits that distract us from our inner feelings. The superconscious mind is available to everyone, and acts as an inner teacher who guides us towards wellbeing and the solution of problems.” (Syntropy: The Spirit of Love, pp 49-50; See chapters 7 & 8)

As I reflected these paternal ancestors, my plans to visit Armagh, the proximity of Markethill and the Grange Meeting House and my decision to take the ferry over to Scotland, I began to cry, for no apparent reason. It is all so strange, but this leg of my journey feels like it is a coming home for myself and my ancestors.

Monainchia, Roscrea co. Tipperary Ireland


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