Dreams & Ritual

Yesterday I hiked up to the ridge of Creag Dubh and built a small fire in honor of the animals, the land, and the ancestors. I chose a small Birch grove upon the ridge because of the healing energy that I encountered when I hiked to the top several weeks ago. It is a strenuous hike that required sufficient time and effort, but was well worth it! My inspiration came from several dreams I'd had the night before.

On the evening of December 20, I lay in bed, thinking about having been led here to Scotland by ancestors and wondering if there wasn't something I should do or see while here. I wondered if it were enough to simply be here or should I do a ritual and what would it look like? I set a dream intention before going to sleep and had several impactful dreams. I woke early in the morning to record them in my journal.

The first dream was about conflict, between me and another woman but I couldn't recall any of the details. This was followed by a dream of two different rituals. One was for the beaver and the land and the other for the indigenous people. There were hands preparing the ritual above two maps...in the beaver dream, the hands were "fluffing" a small pile of fur...I don't remember all of the details but the rituals were so real, that when I woke up I thought I had actually done them with someone and it took me a few moments to realize I had been dreaming!

After the ritual dream, I dreamt of an indigenous man, perhaps from these lands, Pict or Gael? He had black hair, a broad brow, and a kind face. He and I were lovers. He was a "reconciler" and he suggested ways of reconciliation between me and the woman I was having the conflict with; part of me felt resistance and part of me felt, of course - it's the perfect way!.

The trail along the ridge crosses over a waterfall and I stopped to wash my hands and face before arriving at the Birch grove. The trees grow near an old stone wall that traverses the ridge top and continues downward into the valley below. It felt like the perfect place to honor the animals, the land, and the ancestors.

Last week I had made a harvest of Tinder fungus and was glad that I thought to bring some with me because without it and the dried Bracken fern, I wouldn't have been successful in starting the fire as things are very damp this time of year. I can't know the impact of doing such a ritual, and how it is interpreted "on the other side" but my intention was that of honor and gratitude.

Ancestral Fire, Creag Dubh


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