Life has been a whirlwind~

Having returned to the U.S. after eight months of living in Europe life has been a whirlwind~ I was surprised and a little overwhelmed by the cultural adjustment. It is wonderful to be with family and friends, though I feel a sadness and longing for the routines of rural living. I especially miss the freedom to wander. City life is a challenge for me in many ways. I can roam the countryside all day and not get lost. Navigating this vast metropolitan area is a whole other story! And, a week ago my failure to find wild edibles, specifically dandelions and Douglas fir tips, brought me to tears. This past weekend, my granddaughter, Mathilde and I spent the weekend in Moclips on the Pacific coast walking for hours along sandy beaches bordered by dense Evergreen forests. I'm grateful for the privilege and opportunities to escape the city into the wilds of the PNW.


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