Registration is open!

You can now register for my upcoming workshop. Simply go to the events page on my website. If you have any questions or difficulties, please send me an email

On another note, if you don't already follow Chani Nicholas's astrology, I encourage you to do so, you won't be disappointed. The words from her weekly horoscope for my sign describe perfectly what it is I'm striving to accomplish through my work:

" October’s new moon helps you initiate something powerful with a group of people. You are in need of communities that know how to tear down outdated and harmful structures so that you can rebuild for the good of all. The new moon wants you to plant seeds with others that develop over the next 6 months into something truly transformational. Envision yourself as one part of a larger whole . A network of beautiful humans working towards collective justice and liberation with a massive amount of irreverence, humor and contagious joy."

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