Session 1 of the online workshop will be available by November 8th!

I hope you will join me on November 8th for my first online workshop, Women’s Mysteries, Sacred Arts & Healing. Here is an excerpt taken from Session 1, Ritual:

We don’t have washhouses like the ones that can be found throughout France. When I visit these places I imagine all the women as they gathered here to do the mundane and laborious task of handwashing all the clothing and linen from their homes. I imagine the biting-cold of the water during the colder months of the year. I imagine the friendships made, the stories told and the hardships endured. I imagine the laughter, the tears, the anger, the joy. I imagine the gathering of women and the wisdom shared. I imagine that the public sphere of the washhouse was a place of comfort and support as well as strife and betrayal; a place alive with the hopes and dreams and memories of women. When I stand quietly it feels as if the stones hold all of this and the water that flows endlessly remains a healing source.

Quarry Lake, Knoxville TN

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