Winter in the Highlands of Scotland~

In early November, after a disappointing and challenging experience working as a senior caregiver in a small town near Marseille I traveled to London where I spent two agonizing days wrestling with self-doubt, anxiety, and uncertainty. It’s at times like these that we tumble into the dark abyss of our greatest fears. We allow our mind to be shrouded with untruths that threaten to break us apart. A dear friend, living in London made arrangements for me to stay at Olga’s Bed & Breakfast where I found comfort and rest. The love and support of my daughters and their willingness to speak unabashedly even if it hurt made it possible for me to disentangle myself from self-pity and find a way forward. I became determined to find a solution to my present dilemma: I needed a job and a place to stay and began to consider all of my options. In the process, I realized I wasn’t willing to give up my plans and go home. I opened my mind and heart and sat down at my laptop. The morning of the third day in London I had a Skype interview and accepted a new position as a senior caregiver in the Haute Loire region of France. The challenge was that it wouldn’t begin until the first week of January. What to do in the meantime? I needed to make the resources I had last me through the month of December. Inspired by the turn of events and the prospects of a new job, I began to trust for more of the unexpected. Creativity and innovation were my allies. On my third day in London, Natasha picked me up at Olga’s and brought me to her home where she and her partner provided a loving, supportive environment that allowed me to continue to develop a plan for the coming weeks. For many years I had wanted to see Ireland here was a chance to do so and here was an opportunity of a lifetime presenting itself to me. Over the next couple of days I made arrangements to spend a week at a monastery in the Republic of Ireland before traveling to northern Ireland and onto Scotland where I’d found a work exchange on a cattle farm in the Highlands. It all felt surreal~ living in the Highlands of Scotland is, a dream come true. I share this story with the hope that it will inspire you to delve deep and surface.

View from the cattle farm near Newtonmore


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